The Story of Oui Jesprit's Inception from Our CEO

When creating Oui Jesprit, the first thought on my mind was to have a skin conditioner that had as many vitamins in it as possible. I wanted a product that would be truly healthy and natural for the skin. It had to absorb easily and not sit on top of the skin as most moisturizers. Looking at our skin's make-up, we realized that our bodies use the oil in our pores to moisturize the skin naturally. Therefore, we decided on an oil base. However, I didn't want an oil that would leave the skin feeling oily. It was also important that the product would not cause irritation to the skin. Our Cosmetic Chemists had their mission and went to work. We went back and forth several times due to consistency, color and ingredients. I prayed that God would bless us with the best formulation and He did. The wonderful result was Oui Jesprit! We had our dermatologists to review and approve the ingredients to make sure that we didn't have any ingredients that would cause irritation. They gave us their stamp of approval. We also had our Dermatologists test Oui Jesprit to make sure that the product was an effective skin conditioning moisturizer for the skin without causing irritation. After testing in the lab and with several individuals, our dermatologists again gave us their approval. We had our product!

The next question was who would best benefit from this product. I started soliciting feedback from my customers. I told to them to tell me what they truly thought of our product. After having been in pharmaceutical sales for over a decade, I'm used to hearing the good, the bad and the ugly. Surprisingly, we haven't had any negative feedback about the product since it's was introduced 3 years ago. In fact, there have been many people who didn't like oils before, now using Oui Jesprit regularly. People have a difficult time believing that an oil-based product wouldn't leave your skin oily. But once they try Oui Jesprit, they become believers. It's absolutely amazing how fast Oui Jesprit absorbs into the skin. In fact, I went to a masseuse and asked her to use Oui Jesprit while she was giving me my massage. After starting, she quickly became frustrated. I asked her what was wrong. She said I can't use because it absorbs too fast. I'm thinking, perfect answer!!

In regards to irritation, we're happy to say that we have not seen any at all! We've had customers with extremely sensitive skin use Oui Jesprit and rave about their results. Check out our customer testimonials. Oui Jesprit works wonderful for all skin types. However, the customers who stand out the most are those who have had a difficult time using other moisturizers due to their skin condition such as eczema, sensitive skin and dry skin consumers. These customers are some of our biggest fans!

If you haven't tried Oui Jesprit, you should. It's packed with vitamins (A, B, C, D, E & K), moisturizes wonderfully, absorbs quickly and doesn't cause irritation! I think you will be pleasantly surprised on how soft and healthy your skin feels after just 1 use. You will start looking forward to your showers as most of our customers do. Since it's kept in the shower, don't be surprised if your spouse also starts using it. We have women and men consumers; although, it's harder to get the men's testimonials because the bottle looks a little feminine according to some of our men consumers. Don't worry! We will be launching our men's line soon! Once you try Oui Jesprit, please contact us at with your testimonial. We look forward to hearing about your experience with Oui Jesprit!

Ye-Vetta D. Wilson-Worst, the Chief Executive Officer of J'esprit Corporation, brings a varied and solid background in skin care and business administration to the table. In her dedication to provide only the absolute best to her clients, she has carefully selected a team of individuals who are just as dedicated to providing consumers with a completely natural and alternative choice to the harsh products that consumers have been forced to rely upon for so long. As a result of our team's experience, skills and insight, Oui Jesprit is being touted by dermatologists as an incredible natural skin care product that provides relief for a variety of skin care conditions while offering crucial anti-aging benefits. The Oui Jesprit team is backed by more than 100 years of combined experience in the skin care industry. Their consultants have worked with and for some of the most respected skincare and cosmetic companies in the nation.



"I shower every morning and do not step out of my shower without first having used Oui Jesprit oil. At first I thought I would only use the oil in the winter when my skin is dry, but soon found that due to the natural ingredients the oil is not at all heavy and works beautifully all year round. I love how soft my skin is and the light clean fragrance.
I have been using Oui Jesprit for three years now and do not have to use any other lotion. I absolutely love it and so will you ."

Oui Jesprit Skin Conditioners

  • Vitamin, Antioxidant & Ceramide Enriched
  • Dermatologist Tested & Recommended
  • Moisturization Without Irritation!

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