Over time our skin begins to lose many of the elements that are necessary for that fresh, supple and soft look that is associated with younger looking skin. Beginning in our 20s, elements such as collagen and elastin (the connective tissues that are responsible for supplying elasticity and firmness to the skin) begin to diminish. When the skin becomes less elastic, it also becomes drier. In addition, the underlying fatty padding begins to diminish as well, causing the skin to sag and look less supple. This is when wrinkles begin to appear.

Oui Jesprit contains several critical ingredients that are designed to provide important anti-aging benefits. Retinyl Palmitate is an antioxidant known for disarming the damaging effects of free radicals while also stimulating the base layer of skin cells to create a skin tone that is supple and smooth. Ascorbyl Palmitate is also an important antioxidant that regulates the production of collagen while preventing the breakdown of cells due to environmental exposure. Cholecalciferol is easily absorbed into the skin and is a crucial building block for the production of new skin cells. The effects of aging can be reversed through the careful selection and use of a high quality skin care and anti-aging product such as Oui Jesprit.



"When I was younger, my skin was very resilient. Now it feels more delicate and thinner. Oui Jesprit makes me feel like I am enveloping myself in a protective barrier all day."

Oui Jesprit Skin Conditioners

  • Vitamin, Antioxidant & Ceramide Enriched
  • Dermatologist Tested & Recommended
  • Moisturization Without Irritation!

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